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The Rabbit
Hole is Deep.

Once you awaken to the hidden truths of your reality, there is no turning back to the person you once were.


In the Age of Information, remaining ignorant is a choice. Take the Red-Pill and escape the Matrix!

Millions around the world have discovered the secrets hidden deep within the consciousness-expanding Great Awakening Map and their lives changed in unimaginably miraculous ways. From rebelling against the corporatocracy that controls your world to transforming one's mind and body by embodying highest truths of total Spiritual Enlightenment, the path to awakening begins now in this very moment of awareness. You have been given the key to your enlightenment—it is only you who can walk through the door of knowledge and wisdom.

Building Cathedrals Arthouse Art


The Great Awakening Map was created in mid-2018 to facilitate humanity's swift awakening to the secret truths of our reality. Since its inception to the World Wide Web, the map has become one of the most shared images across all social media platforms as well as claiming a title as one of the most censored memes in internet history.


What are they so afraid of?


Powerful governments, corporations and institutions that covertly control our world initiated censorship of information that threatened their power structure, allowing them to manipulate and control information at their will. Those acquainted with George Orwell's dystopian future depicted in "1984" are aware that this book has already become non-fiction. Human civilization has lost its way and true purpose, and those capable of shifting our world into a positive future timeline understand that it falls upon each individual to awaken to the higher truths of reality, nurturing a peace-loving mindset to aid in the healing, assistance, and awakening of all beings in the most harmonious ways possible. One of these methods involves sharing mind-opening knowledge, enabling individuals to transform their mind and body into spiritually enlightened masters with the ability to benefit all beings in our world and throughout the universe.

Great Awakening Pyramid Close-up


The Rabbit Hole is deep and learning about conspiracy truths has its time and purpose. Once one is thoroughly acquainted with the darkest, negative aspects of our society, they begin to seek light to illuminate their path through the darkness of life.

The world has become overrun by blinded materialistic pursuit of happiness at the expense of losing all connection to the human spirit of awakening consciousness. Through the study and meditation of metaphysical knowledge, we heal our mind and body to the adverse effects of attachment to the material nature of our reality. We begin a total transformation of who we are and embrace a universal dharma that seeks to heal and fulfill our entire beingness to live in a state of peace, love, and joy. This state of being naturally allows one to help all beings. By knowing the darkest aspects of our world, we can become more compassionate beings to help those in need through skillful means, leaving no one behind as our civilization shifts into a higher dimensional consciousness.

Great Awakening Chinese Map


Whether you're an advanced scholar well-versed in every topic on the Great Awakening Map or a newcomer, your mind may be initially overwhelmed by the array of mysterious subjects. Nevertheless, there is always something new waiting to be discovered about the universe that can awaken your mind and profoundly transform your life.

Share, comment, and help spread the map across the world.

Since 2018, due to unlawful shadowbanning and censorship of the map, countless netizens, lightworkers, bodhisattvas, activists and awakened ones, have taken on the heroic mission of sharing and disseminating the map through their social media platforms, defying all odds. They invite their audiences to step into the realm of Ascension Knowledge—an invaluable treasure trove containing the universe's most profound secrets. From past-lives to future timelines of a New Earth, everything is revealed. Assist others in recognizing the truth of reality, guide them towards illumination in a world shrouded in darkness, and embark on your journey to fulfill your life's highest purpose.

You can download any of our maps for free or support our ongoing mission by purchasing one of our official posters from our shop. PayPal donations are also accepted with gratitude. Volunteer to translate the map into your native language, or simply share the map on your social media—the possibilities are limitless. Link all posts to

Every share that awakens a single mind possesses the potential to awaken billions.

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