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The Great Awakening Map has awakened countless minds around the world to the secret truths of reality. From darkness to enlightenment in one lifetime, all paths through Ascension Knowledge are unique and consciousness expanding. From the Deep State to the deepest states of mind, every red-pill leads one  down the rabbit hole of spiritual awakening. May all beings awaken from the illusion of samsara and realize the truth of enlightenment here and now in every present moment of awareness.

​​Reviews, testimonials, poster and t-shirt photos from around the world submitted by you!

Countless people have had their lives forever changed by the spiritual secrets contained within the Great Awakening Map. If you would like to share a life changing story or submit a photo of your map displayed, please submit to or direct message on Instagram @5D_Awakening_Consciousness

Every year, a percentage of your purchases are donated to Buddhist lamas living in meditation retreat in India and to donations for Secret Space Program whistleblowers.


Great Awakening Map Poster Hologram Testimonial
Great Awakening Map reviews and testimonials from happy customers worldwide
Great Awakening Map Customer Testimonials

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