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Ascension Knowledge 5D Shirt
  • Ascension Knowledge Sacred Geometry T-Shirt

    Ascension Knowledge for All Beings


    Bring the great fortune of encountering Sacred Geometry to all who see you in public. This heavyweight 100% cotton t-shirt is designed to help awaken the masses upon first sight. Hidden into the design is the enlightening I Ching 64 Hexagram as well as the Lotus of Life and Seed of Life sacred geometric symbols.

    An original Art House Collection, wearing Sacred Geometry is said to bring luck and healing to its wearer.


    • White T-Shirt

    • Art House Sacred Geometry Collection

    • The Unisex Garment-Dyed Heavyweight | 100% Cotton | T-Shirt

    • Model is wearing Size M

    • Designed by Art House

      $45.00 Regular Price
      $39.00Sale Price
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