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Flower of Life Sacred Geometry Collection T-Shirt White
  • Flower of Life Sacred Geometry Collection T-Shirt White

    Plant the Seed of Knowledge Wherever You Travel


    The Seed of Life contains all the information in the universe. It lays dormant for eons of cyclical time until encountering human consciousness, where it blooms into the sacred Flower of Life, the geometric template of all universal creation.


    Wearing the symbol brings healing to the wearer. In public, it spreads higher vibrational energy and universal knowledge to all who are lucky to lay eyes upon the sacred symbol of creation.


    An original Art House Collection, the front of this t-shirt displays the symbol of the Seed of Life. The back of the t-shirt is proudly emblazoned with a large Flower of Life symbol.


    • White T-Shirt

    • Art House Sacred Geometry Collection

    • Anvil 980 Unisex T-Shirt / 100% ring-spun cotton / Fabric weight: 4.3 oz/yd²

    • Model is wearing Size M

    • Designed by Art House

      $35.00 Regular Price
      $29.00Sale Price
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