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Great Awakening Map 61x38 Victory Flag Hologram
  • Great Awakening Map 61x38 Victory Flag Hologram


    61x38 inches


    Proudly fly your flag of knowledge and enlightenment wherever you go for all eyes that see—countless minds will be awakened. This is the largest size print of the Great Awakening Map that is available for sale.


    The Great Awakening Map is the supreme red-pill navigational chart for Escaping the Matrix and Returning to Source.


    Each day, maps continually ship around the world to awaken countless new minds in every country. The map has been spotted across all social media, downloaded internationally, and has served a vital role in The Great Awakening and Full Disclosure Movement across the entire globe.


    Over a decade of metaphysical research was collected prior to the map's release in mid-2018. Its continual design is produced and updated by Art House—an award-winning, international art and 5D research project.


    • Great Awakening Map Flag

    • Hologram Effect (Not actual metallic hologram film)

    • Largest print available for sale at 38x61 inches (96x155 cm)

    • 2 iron grommets for wall hanging

    • 100% Polyester, Crease Resistant

    • One-sided print

Used as a Wall Display, Protest Flag, Table Liner, Street Art

    • Safely ships to countless countries around the world

    • Designed by Art House

      $55.00 Regular Price
      $49.00Sale Price
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