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Lvx Vita Pyramids T-Shirt The Galactic Initiates
  • LVX VITA: The Galactic Initiates Pyramids T-Shirt

    LVX VITA: The Life of Light


    Pyramids around the world serve as a secret template for the infinite energies hidden in the universe. To harness these energies, The Galactic Initiates have encoded sacred geometry into the creation of all pyramids, hoping that one day when humanity is ready, they will be able to possess the powers of levitation, instantaneous healing, and eternal life.


    We walk amidst the world unnoticed. In the shadows of darkness we thrive as the source of light. The knowledge we possess is as deep as the eternal well of the universe. We are The Galactic Initiates.


    An original Art House Collection, this piece is a showcase of sacred Universal Knowledge.


    • Heather Grey

    The Galactic Initiates typography across shirt back with LVX VITA signature beneath

    • 100% cotton ring-spun / Gilden 980

    • Model is wearing Size M

    • Designed by Art House

      $35.00 Regular Price
      $29.00Sale Price
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