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Pleiadian Goddess Special Release T-Shirt
  • Pleiadian Goddess Special Release T-Shirt

    “They walk among us and you would never know.”


    This is a special re-release t-shirt by Art House celebrating the wise and beautiful Pleiadian women who have helped humankind throughout the past century.

    Most notable account comes from whistleblower testimony of William Tompkins who claims he worked alongside Pleiadian women during the Apollo program. “They played a direct role in covertly helping the U.S. make it to the Moon.”

    Pleiadians are here to help humanity move forward into becoming a part of their peaceful Galactic Federation.


    • White

    • T-Shirt back features signature “PLEIADIANS” custom Arthouse Typeface

    • Gildan 980 | Unisex T-Shirt

    • Model is wearing Size M

    • Designed by Art House


      $32.00 Regular Price
      $29.00Sale Price
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