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The Flower of Life / Seed of Life Sacred Geometry Mug 20oz
  • The Flower of Life / Seed of Life Sacred Geometry Mug 20oz

    Transform your daily ritual with our beautifully crafted mug, designed to bring positive energy into your life.


    One side features the intricate Flower of Life, a sacred geometry pattern revered by ancient civilizations. This symbol encapsulates the fundamental forms of space and time, embodying the very fabric of the cosmos and the unity of all existence.


    On the other side, the Seed of Life unfolds the blueprint of creation itself, with seven interlocking circles symbolizing the genesis of life and the interconnectedness of all beings.

    Inspired by Masaru Emoto's groundbreaking research on how words and symbols can affect water molecules, this mug is more than just a vessel for your drink. Emoto's work suggests that positive imagery and symbols can imbue liquids with beneficial energies. By incorporating these profound symbols, our mug aims to enhance your beverage, promoting health, healing, and fortune with every sip. Enjoy a blend of ancient wisdom and New Earth metaphysics, all in one elegant design.


    An original Art House Collection.

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    • Ceramic | 20 oz mug

    • Charge your favorite drink with the high vibration of sacred geometry

    • Dimensions: 4.3″ (10.9 cm) in height, 3.7″ (9.3 cm) in diameter

    • Designed by Art House

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