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The Initiates LVX VITA Sacred Geometry T-Shirt
  • The Initiates LVX VITA Sacred Geometry T-Shirt

    LVX VITA: Life of Light

    We walk amidst the world unnoticed. In the shadows of darkness we thrive as the source of light. The knowledge we possess is as deep as the eternal well of the universe. We are The Initiates—Secret Masters of the Great Illusion.

    We have arrived from across the cosmos to awaken humanity into her 5th Dimensional evolution. Follow us, if you so dare, to the farthest ends of infinite mind and space.

    An original Art House Collection, this piece is a showcase of opulent Sacred Geometry. Emblazoned across the back, the Seed of Life is believed to contain all the information in creation. It remains concealed beneath the scarlet banner of the Latin code: LVX VITA—Life of Light. Wearing this in public is said to awaken the third eye of all who are fortunate to lay their gaze upon this work of art.


    • White T-Shirt

    • LVX VITA Signature across shirt front

    • Anvil 980 Unisex T-Shirt / 100% ring-spun cotton / Fabric weight: 4.3 oz/yd²

    • Model is wearing Size M

    • Designed by Art House

      $35.00 Regular Price
      $32.00Sale Price
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